Thai Basil Pesto

Mmmm…Pesto. So green, so fresh and believe it or not, so easy to just whizz up in a few minutes in your own kitchen. And there’s endless potential for what you can do with it. You can heap it on to bread, mix it with some pasta, toss it onto some chicken, sneak bites of it from a spoon – the possibilities are endless!

I had been craving pesto for a while and I had no idea it could be such a fast-fix. You can find Italian sweet basil at the German Butcher on Friday mornings if you want to beat the crowds and get the good stuff, but I was impatient and couldn’t wait and just used Thai Basil. I thought it would be a bit overpowering but while it made for a stronger flavour, it can easily be balanced out. The other great thing about pesto is it’s versatility. Basically any greens + nuts + cheese + olive oil = Pesto. Here’s what you need to do –

Let’s get the ingredients ready. You’ll need basil, cashew nuts, few cloves of garlic, grated Parmesan and of course, some olive oil. First thoroughly rinse off the leaves.

Thoroughly rinse the leaves

Then toss HALF of them into the blender with the nuts, garlic, cheese and a bit of salt.

Cashew nuts, garlic and olive oil – the backbone of any good Pesto
Oh and here’s a block of Parmesan because I forgot to take a picture of the grated cheese

Now blend away until you see it’s turning into the consistency you want. Then, add the rest of the leaves, scrape ’em down the sides and keep adding olive oil. Taste it, see if it needs adjustments and basically add whatever you think is missing. Ta-dah! And there you have it – some beautiful, heavenly, delicious PESTO!

Scrape down the sides and add more oil
Presto – Pesto!

Ingredients :

2 healthy bunches of Thai basil leaves (you can use any other green)
1 cup Cashew nuts
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
2 1/2 cups olive oil
4 cloves of garlic
1/4 tsp of salt


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Farzana says:

    Hi where did u buy the thai basil from?


    1. Sapient Ape says:

      you can get thai basil at Gulshan 2 Kaacha Bazaar.


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