Chicken Avocado Caesar Salad

Aah salad. So light. So healthy. So low calorie. Wait – if you’re  expecting those things out of this salad… well as Judas Priest would say… You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’. This Caesar Salad scores high in the tasty fats column, and low in the low-fat column! But hey, these days, fats are the new vegetables, or something like that! It was on the cover of Time Magazine, dammit! We’ve got a range of fats in this recipe, all the way from the unhealthiest (bacon, mayonnaise) to the healthiest (butter, avocado). But don’t expect this salad to be low on calories.

This salad is relatively easy to put together. It has four major components — the meat, the dressing, the croutons, and the veggies. Lets start with the meat.

I took two skinless chicken breasts, seasoned them, and grilled them for 3-4 minutes a side (or until done). I also fried up some bacon on low heat for about 5 minutes, turning once. I prefer low heat for bacon coz then it doesn’t get over done and over crispy, but stays somewhat soft and fatty.

Grilled Chicken Breasts

I then sliced the chicken into bite sized pieces, about 4-5 cm long and 1-2 cm wide. I also coarsely chopped up the bacon, and set both of these aside. Time for the croutons. CC took on this responsibility, and she cut up some white bread into cubes, after cutting off the crusts. She then tossed the cubes with some dried thyme and fresh garlic. The original recipe called for parmesan as well, but we didn’t have enough and these croutons were still pretty damn good.

Croutons before

She then melted the butter in a skillet and then threw the croutons into the skillet, along with the garlic. She reduced the heat to medium low and let the croutons fry for about 6 minutes, stirring them occasionally.

Croutons after

The dressing was also cake. I mixed the mayo, lemon juice, half a can of anchovies, some more minced garlic, and a tablespoon of olive oil and whisked it together in a bowl.

I then chopped up the avocados and rinsed and dried the lettuce (with my trusty salad spinner.


I then mixed about 1/3 of the dressing with the lettuce and avocado. Then it was bacon and crouton time, after which more dressing followed. Finally, I added the chicken pieces and the rest of the dressing and tossed the salad until it was well-mixed.



Once the salad was well mixed, I served the portions out on two plates and we dug in! It was a meal fit for a Roman dictator… for a… Caesar, if you will.


Ingredients (serves 2)

2 chicken breasts
4 rashers bacon (optional)

2 slices white bread, crusts removed
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1 tablespoon garlic, minced
2 tablespoons butter

5 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 anchovy fillets
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon olive oil

3 cups iceberg or romaine lettuce, washed, patted dry, and coarsely chopped
1 avocado, cubed



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